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F r e e E n e r g y F r o m t h e p o w e r o f m a g n e t s c a n it b e d o n e ?


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The Basic's

Let us start with the basic, The Attraction of a magnet ( North ) is always stronger than the Repulsion( South ). So as an example, take two bar magnets from radio shack and place one on a table and tape itdown were it will not move, then hold the other in your hand and angled it just right, keeping it spacedexactly 1/4" apart. then slowly entering the table top magnet sweeping over it with the other, you will see thatthe attraction is far greater than the resistance = repulsion..... in the diagrams below we have tried to illustrateexactly what is going on in these bar magnets.

Top View

Try this little experiment with 2 new radio shack bar magnets. Top magnet at a 45 degree angle from a front view and and a 35 degree angle from a top view.

Tape down bar magnet #1 to a table, then put a piece of plastic on top of that, now while holdingmagnet #2 angle as stated and sweep slowly across the #1 magnet......When entering the field there is a repulsion then an attraction then a neutral zone then a resistance of the attraction. now place a 3/8" piece of bar steel in front of #1 magnet and repeat experiment, Noticethat the 1st repulsion is now very weak. even with out the steel bar the north is always stronger thanthe south or shall I say the attraction is always stronger than the repulsion ( Resistance ).

The Spacing is important,

Use at least a 1/8" to 1/4" space between magnets.In the 1st stage there is a small repulsion taking place, But in the 2nd stage theattraction over comes that resistance as the magnet is moved into the 3rd stage. Inthe 3rd stage a neutral point is found where there is no pull or push.Now something has to move it out of that neutral point and past the 4th stage andout of the field and that out side force ( in this experiment ) can be your hand.But in the linear carriage array experiment it will be the attraction ( or the pull)of another up coming magnet placed right next to #1 magnet.......

4th Stage Resistance of the attraction

Place the third magnet as so and that 3rd magnet will pull the #2 magnet out of theresistance of the 4th stage of the #1 magnet...... The whole point of our invention isthat one magnet is always helping another magnet. This is very important in thedesign no matter how you choose to build it. Once this is achieved then from it youcan now design a rotary type motor that will never stop.

Note: All we ask of you is that you build only one for yourself when your done.We’d love to know your progress or any improvements you may have, If you need any help you can sometimes get it by e-mailing us.

We have designed many different prototypes of this motor using this method.There is probably, nothing you could come up with that we have not already done or tried..

In these plans we are attempting to show you enough of our main ideas, so youcan possibly build yourself a free energy magnet motor to impress your friends.You know, there is a lot of sceptics out there!

Model # A Patent Pending

In Model #A we are showing you a linear type carriage motor, Do someexperiments on your own 1st and build this Model and from there you will beable to put this design in a rotary type motor assembly. ( Which is obvious ) Notice: We do not give step by step plans for a rotary type motor not because it does not work but because we want to manufacture them some day and get thejump in the Free Energy market when it is allowed open....

Please note, if you feel like you have come up with something that will greatlyimprove the efficiency of this motor, then please contact us and we will includeyou in as a share holder if we find it is useful.

Model #A

lastic roller wheels

#2 and #4 Magnets are glued to plexi glass carriage, all parts can be bought at any hardware store. The base is a wood base 2" x 8" x 24" We have a VHS Video of this model and experiment Model#A Video $19.95

#8 and #9 Magnets are slanted or curved downward away from carriage.

#2 and #4 is glued or silicone to plexi glass carriage, they must be spaced justright. when #2 has just arrived at the 4th stage ( Resistance of the attraction)Then # 4 magnet is placed just right where it will attract to the same magnet that#2 is stuck in and will pull and push the #2 out of the #1 magnets resistancestage and push it right into the attraction field of #3 magnet and the wholeprocess is repeat again and again untill it reaches the end of #9 magnet, Now if# 8 and #9 magnet is not Slanted or curved from #2 and #4 magnet then therewill be a great resistance than the attraction,( hard to explain in writing) so when you do curve #8 and #9 magnets there willbe very little resistance and the inertia of the moving carriage will over come itand move out of the array of magnets completely..... or as #2 and #4 enter theend of #9 and #8 curved magnets you can have another array and carriage (Rotor assembly ) identical to this one on the other side of the rotor, Just enteringthe attraction field of #1 magnet.......

rotary type motor

The use of to many magnets to close together will result in creating a morepowerful resistance, using the least amount of magnets per array is best, makesure each array is far from the other or it will create problems. For more horsepower you can make the rotor longer and apply more arrays just as long as theyare not to close to each other to cancel each other out. if you buy very strong andlarger ceramic magnets you will get more horse power also. This Motor can bemade up to 15 Hp and we believe beyond that if you have the money. a smallinexpensive 10 hp motor can be designed to fit into a electric car to a 2 60 ampalternators to keep up the battery's to run the electric motor to run the car. a 1 to 2 hp motor can run your home..........

When building your magnet array if you use 7 magnets as seen on page 3 youwill get a dead spot on #7 and #6, This is not a big problem once your rotorytype engine is in motion. You can over come this by using less magnets, We can not tell you how you will have to experiment and find out on your own.....

Model #A

Curving the array, you must curve the array line of the magnets to missthe end resistance or slant them, this is very critical and must be done justright.....



The use of Blockers Magnets


Blockers are iron or steel placed between 2 magnets, the flux field is made allot less stronger and

There are many many different ways to build this engine using this method thatwe have invented, many of you out there that know how an electric rotarymotor works can build this very quickly using our methods that we haveshowed you. We have giving information that is worth allot more than $14,95 information which you can use, (using our methods) to build your own FreeEnergy motor, all my life I knew there was a way in which you could use thefree energy of magnets to help man kind, The answer was there all of the timejust waiting to be found, I have heard of many other devices in which theinventors claim to have built a working permanent magnet motor and we do notknow if they work or not, we have not tried some of them yet, Because wehave been working on our own, time would not allows us.... There is one motor that we have seen on a video which a customer sent us, which is the TroyReed motor, I do not have any information on how or why it works and hopesomeday we can obtain it in detail, I am very curious about this motor, seeingit on the video it looked like it really worked, and we have heard of some talkthat they are going to manufacture them this year 1996, If they succeed in thereefforts and the government and the oil companies allow them to,

Also to obtain more horse power you can stack the radio shack barmagnets, This will give you much more power. and is easier to obtain ifyou can not find a good source for larger ceramic permanent magnets.Note: you will not need to stack the angled carriage magnets they willwork just fine just using one.

magnet stack

Permenant magnet motors are very easy to build don’t give up before you start do it and you will have free energy forever.......

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