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Australian UFO wave 7 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: Near Ellenbrook, Perth. One witness. (Two people were in the car, only one saw the object.)

This clip was taken on the same day as Sighting #5, a few kilometres away, and just hours later. Sound has been removed from the clip due to copyrighted music that was being played in the car at the time. The clip was shot from the front seat of a car, through the glass window. The witness had seen a bright flash, and assumed there was a problem with the jet. When he zoomed in, he filmed this object. The driver stopped the car and the witness continued filming, but nothing else was seen.

REALITY: Compositing anything into a handheld shot, such as this, is very difficult. The solution was to clone part of the image (the jet engine) to an offset location. Ironically, this was the first clip that made a couple of people write to suggest that the UFO might be comptuer genrerated. In fact, it wasn't computer generated at all. It was just a disembodied aeroplane engine.

A number of people also suggested this was a model plane, because it wasn't moving. In reality, that hovering effect is created by the aeroplane heading one way, as the car circles around it in another direction.
source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html


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