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Australian UFO wave 31 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: 04.08.06, Bullsbrook, WA. Three witnesses.

This family saw a light ahead of them but (being familiar with the area) they assumed it was normal aircraft activity, until the light approached and hovered above them, just in front of the car. They then managed to capture this footage.

REALITY: At one point, we planned to shoot a naturalistic and realistic scene, but as this was the project's finale, we decided to have some fun and make a mini horror movie.

It was good fun, and the actors did an excellent job, but I was very surprised to find that many people still accepted this as real, and wrote to tell us so. No UFO researchers thought it was real, as far as I'm aware. Here are some comments from the web:

'This looks very real to me.'

'sounds like a jet. definiatly a liquid/gas fueled vechcle. you can hear the fuel combust. i think it could be a jet...'

'this was so real...'

'This is real. Nothing could change my mind...'

source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html

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