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Australian UFO wave 29 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: 13.07.06. Location Uncertain (see below). Witnesses unknown.

The witness who sent this tape did so on condition that he not be interviewed or contacted, or even questioned regarding the footage. For obvious reasons I do not have the original camera tape. Thousands of people have written to point out that there is a date stamp in the bottom right-hand corner: July 13th 2006. Many people have written suggesting possible locations, with the most likely being off the coast of Kwinana in Western Australia, although this is unconfirmed. There is strong speculation from many sources that this was shot with a FLIR Star Safire camera (or something similar), from a helicopter. Investigation is ongoing.

REALITY: I had some spare helicopter footage (from a previous project), and thought it would make for an interesting shot. I modelled this on the famous Mexican footage, expecting that the numerous clues that were left in the clip would expose the nature of our project. To my amazement, hits at the site went through the roof, and this proved to be the most popular clip so far. Lots of people identified the location and date, and even the type of infrared camera this was 'shot' with - but nobody noticed that this isn't actually an infrared image (only an inverted one), or that the camera readouts are inaccurate. After a few weeks, some people noticed that the UFO is animated independently of the background.

source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html
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