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Australian UFO wave 26 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: 11.07.06. Maroubra, NSW. One witness.

The very bright light in this clip is NOT a UFO. It's the moon, and this is just the way the moon looks when shot with this video camera at night. The UFO is the small light which appears at the same point in the frame as the moon. The witness had seen a bright light over his house, and we have five minutes of footage where the witness searches for the object unsuccessfully. Finally, the object is seen moving rapidly across the screen.

REALITY: This was an attempt to create a clip in less than ten minutes, to see if it would still be believed. It's often assumed that faking UFO footage takes enormous resources. We shot, edited and completed this in eight minutes. It's not very good, but many people still raved about it to us.

source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html

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