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Australian UFO wave 5 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: 10.6.06, afternoon. Whiteman Park, Western Australia. Four witnesses.

A family of four watched this object for several minutes, from a lookout point in Whiteman Park. It "moved about like a plastic bag", while the family argued about what it was. The whole family went back to the car, apparently unimpressed, but the mother came back with the camera, and as soon as she started filming the object moved away. (I've interview this witness over the phone, and find her to be extremely credible.) Sighting#7 occurred nearby, just hours later.

REALITY: A computer generated sphere is composited into a tripod-shot, with camera shake and zoom added. Optical distortion used to simulate the distortion caused by zooming
source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html


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