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Australian UFO wave 30 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT: 04.08.06. Location withheld (see below). One witness.

OTHER DETAILS: The witness reports seeing a bright low-flying light, bigger than a house, which flew above his car, then moved ahead and landed behind the trees. He found the courage to park nearby, at which time the light went out. He approached the landing point and shot this footage, then ran back to his car. He did not see the light or the figure again, and admits his memories of the journey home are vague - but he ascribes this mostly to shock. (The tape was delivered to me by hand, about 24 hours after the event, and I have viewed the original camera tape.)

We have decided to keep the location of this event secret, to allow full analysis of the site by experts. If hundreds of UFO tourists show up, vital evidence could be destroyed.

REALITY: This one finally seemed to do the trick. Most people, whether inside or outside the UFO community, couldn't swallow footage of an alien being. Thankfully. And once they were clued in, people finally began to suspect that the whole project may be faked. A number of other people were convinced it had to be a man in a costume, rather than CGI, which was interesting. Some, however, thought it was real. I received some amazing analyses of the footage, including proof that there were other aliens in the background, and even a spaceship. In reality, this was a CG model, created in Poser 6.0 and composited into footage. Huge clues were left to its unreality, and this time, most of them were spotted. Despite that, there were many comments such as these:

'it looks real, hmmm'

'It is for real. Yes, it is a tall grey, but it didn't appear to be coming towards him to attack him. It was trying to make contact with him.'

source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html

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