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Australian UFO wave 10 (fake)


FICTIONAL REPORT:1.7.07, Afternoon. West of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. One witness.

This stunning footage was from a passenger jet, shortly after take-off from Sydney. Estimates suggest it was taken near to the Blue Mountains. She had been filming for several minutes when this object passed the window. The object is difficult to see (especially in the Windows version of the clip) but it is there. In the first part of the clip, it flies from right to left, behind the wing. In the second half of the clip, it rises from the cloud, before flying to the left. The object is tiny at this point, but just about visible.

REALITY: The project was becoming a little Perth-centric, so I was obliged to fly East to get some footage of identifiable locations beyond Western Australia. The flight gave me the opportunity to get some good background footage from the plane. Being handheld, I was obliged to make the CG object move very rapidly until it's quite distant, to hide the inaccurate compositing.
source : http://www.australianufowave.com/archive.html

vidéo du groupe UFO FAKES

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