Collection de brevets
des extraordinaires objets de vol

Universal fluid-dynamic body for aircraft and watercraft
Circular wing aircraft
Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying disc
Vertical lift aircraft
Vertical lift aircraft
Aircraft with a ducted fan in a circular wing
Disc planform aircraft having vertical flight capability
Annular body aircraft
VTOL aircraft
VTOL aircraft
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Circular airplane
Fixed circular wing aircraft
Heavier-than-air disk-type aircraft
Induction lift flying saucer
Circular aircraft
Robotic or remotely controlled flying platform
Flying disc aircraft
High speed vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Air vehicle
Induction Lift Aircraft
Wingless aircraft
In-line gyro type aircraft
Aerodynamic Device
Flying craft
Non-rigid airship
Aircraft With Circular Wing
Flying Disc
Disc-type airborne vehicle and radial flow gas turbine engine used therein
Rotary thrust device including axially elongated rotor rotatable in casting having elongated fluid intake and discharge slots
Vertical lift device
Gryo Foil
Flying Ship
Lighter-than-air craft
Disc-Shaped Aerospacecraft
Circular wing aircraft
Flying Saucer
Aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability
Vertical lift machine
Vertical take-off landing aircraft having a pair of coaxial counter-rotating rotors etc.
Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Disk Flying Craft
Vertical lift aircraft
Aircraft With Housed Counter Rotating Propellors
Vertical takeoff aircraft
Universally manuverable aircraft
Vertical-takeoff-landing aircraft
Circular wing flying craft
Electric Aerospace Propulsion System
Aircraft Propulsion And Control
Vertical rise aircraft
High velocity high altitude V.T.O.L. aircraft
Space And Atmospheric Re-Entry Vehicle
Fluid sustained aircraft
Flying machine
Supersonic Aircraft
Vertical take-off aircraft
Gas turbine engined aircraft
Aircraft control systems
Fluid sustained aircraft
Aircraft with jet fluid control ring
Radial flow gas turbine engine rotor bearing
Disc-type aircraft with peripheral jet control
Disc aircraft with gas turbine and ram jet engines
Vertical take-off aircraft control
Disc Aircraft With Multiple Radially Disposed gas turbine engines
Gyro stabilized vertical rising vehicle (discoid)
Aircraft with ducted lifting fan
Rotating Jet Aircraft with Lifting Disc Wing and Centrifuging Tanks
Fluid Sustained And Fluid Propelled Aircraft
Torodial aircraft
Amusment Device
Circular wing aircraft with universally tiltable ducted powerplant
Vertical and Horizontal Flight Aircraft
Aircraft With Enclosed Rotor
Saucer-Shaped Aircraft
Impeller Propelled Aerodynamic Body
Circular Aircraft and Control System Therefor
Low Aspect Ratio Aircraft
Rotating disc type aircraft
Airplane Of Low Aspect Ratio
Disc-Shaped Submersible Aircraft
Flying Craft
Discus-Shaped Aerodyne Vehicle
Levity Aircraft Design
Evacuated Rotating Envelope Aircraft
Body-Lift Airplane Assembly
VTOL Aircraft
Personal Air Transport
Blown-Air Lift Generating Rotating Airfoil Aircraft