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These documents pertain to the research of small team of people in the Douglas Aircraft corporation in 1967 - 1969. They show that some people there took the UFO phenomenon seriously - and regarded them as real, physical objects. Someone decided that it was worth studying them in detail, with a view to developing a new method of propulsion - based on a new theory of physics. This research was, of course, secret.

In total, there are about 200 pages of documents, although some of these are just cover sheets.

The documents were left in a barn which may have belonged to a Douglas employee who died or moved. The new owner of the place found the files, and sold them on Ebay for $31.00. They were uploaded to my computer for internet publishing.

It is hoped to provide a "text" version of the documents at some point in the future. Currently, they are provided in "Web Versions" and PDF versions.

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Further notes on the Documents

a) Contactee Aspects

The gathering of information from contactees is described as the second main avenue of deriving useful data on UFO propulsion on page 11 of the "PROPOSED VEHICLE R&D PROGRAM DOCUMENT (Project BITBR)" (A-830-BB01-JMB-2) drafted June 25, 1968 which outlines the program in general. Their rationale for the use of contactee data can best be derived from the so-called "ADVANCED VEHICLE CONCEPTS RESEARCH" presentation dated May 2nd, 1968 mentions on page 50, "PHILOSOPHY: HEAR EVERYTHING AND USE SOME OF IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE" and on page 25, CONTACTEE DATA COULD BE USEFUL, EXPERIENCING HIGH ACCELERATIONS WITHOUT FORCES, VISUAL INTERNAL APPEARANCE OF VEHICLES

Most of the documentation that I have regarding gathering information from contactees was drafted subsequent to this date and prior to the drafting of the "CURRENT RECOMMENDED TASKS FOR 3-6 MAN EFFORT" (A-830-BB01-JMB-10) on September 16, 1968 which states on page 3:

3. The experimental program is being expanded with a strong emphasis on the end product.

4. Ancillary investigations of psi phenomena, other unusual phenomena, and contactees are being minimized.

On page 2 it states that, "The present interview program may uncover useful information. seems a considerably better bet to minimize, but not terminate, this effort." I do know that Paul Wilson was still drafting reports regarding a radio contactee named Meriam Ovaskainen as late as October 7th but that's the last one that I have.

b) Technical Aspects

Summarizing what I've been able to put together so far beginning with the "SPACE PROPERTIES CONCEPTS" MEMORANDUM (A-830-BB01-JMB-2) from August 14, 1967. The purpose of this document is to outline some possible space propulsion concepts that follow from the so-called "Unifying Kinetic Particle Theory of Physics" that J M Brown came up with which states that there is a single unifying particle, the 'brutino', that moves at 1.4 times the speed of light and everything in the universe including space itself as well as all particles and forces can be derived from it and its behavior. For example, on pages 10-11 of J M Brown's "A Unifying Kinetic Particle Theory of Physics", gravity is described as the (rate of?) flow of brutinos into vs. out of matter (which should occur at the above mentioned brutino speed obviously).* All of these research programs are attempts to apply this new theoretical model.

*Fun facts dept., according to Burkhard Heim's "Unified Field Theory", gravity is calculated to propagate at 1.3333333... times the speed of light (Interdisciplinary UFO Research MUFON-CES-Report No. 11 1993 p. 215). I bring this up simply to compare the figures and mention that Burkhard Heim's theories of a 6 dimensional cosmosphere are extended directly from Wilbert Smith's as described in his book The New Science.

They began by proposing very simple experiments to determine any attraction or reaction between magnetic fields and electrostatic charges arranged in a circle, the purpose being to simulate the dynamics of elementary particles (specifically the electron) on a macrocosmic scale (PROPOSAL FOR ELECTROSTATIC/MAGNETIC EXPERIMENTS, December 20, 1967, pp. 7-8). According to the memorandum "CURRENTLY PREFERRED PROPULSION CONCEPT" (A-830-BB01-JMB-1) dated February 14, 1968, the author exhibits his confidence in the specific experimental approaches to determining the validity of the kinetic particle theory not to mention a possible gambling problem by laying out the probabilities for success of each in terms of 'betting odds' (maybe one of the 3 brains in the jars from that Star Trek episode wrote this part, 'I bet 400 quatloos on the neutrino flux'). The chance for success of any of the 3 experiments mentioned in the previous document is listed at 20% (that's 4 to 1 against for you gambling addicts out there).

The next memorandum describing the proposed "GA PROPULSION SYSTEM" experiment (A-830-BB01-JMB-6) dated August 22, 1968 is the one I find the most promising. It basically describes creating an electron vortex in a magnetic cylinder in an attempt to get a stream of gravitons to come out. It also mentions giving the magnetic field a high frequency (rotation?) corresponding to the speed an electron traverses the circumference of the cylinder. This approach draws some comparison to Wilbert Smith's experiments in field propulsion. With regards to rotating magnetic field experiments, the so-called "ADVANCED VEHICLE CONCEPTS RESEARCH" presentation dated May 2nd, 1968 mentions for proposed vehicle experiments on page 48,






The next document, CURRENT RECOMMENDED TASKS OF 3-6 MAN EFFORT (A-830-BB01-JMB-10) dated September 16, 1968 again reiterates the principal focus of the entire program, a scheme to organize and release the flow of fundamental kinetic particles. It recommends that they get going on the 3 proposed experiments, the speed of light/magnetic field interaction, atmospheric vortex/electron model and Gravity Amplification (GA) experiments.

Now, as far as results go, there isn't much documentation in general and none which describe any successful results. I believe I read in the documents somewhere that the first 3 "electrostatic/magnetic" experiments produced no results but I can't find where I read that. Now with regards the speed of light/magnetic field interaction experiment, a memo was drawn up (A-830-BB01-HCB-41) dated July 18th, 1969 indicating that they weren't successful in creating any diffraction pattern of light in a magnetic field but recommend ed trying again with more precise optical equipment. Then there's a handwritten draft of a proposal for carrying out a simulation of 'the kinetic particle theory' model of the electron using air which was written February 12th,1969.

Other than all of the above, the memo "EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH AND FIELD DATA ACQUISITION - PROJECT VEHICLE" (A-830-BB01-WPW-12) which was drafted October 28th, 1968 proposes some other experiments which may or may not have been carried out on page 3 under the heading "OTHER EXPERIMENTS".

These include:

B. Rotating charge (capacitor) voltage amplification.

C. Magnetic properties of moving current carrying conductor.

D. Magnetic field generation, rotating particles; Measure, charge density - lifetime - gravitational effects - influence on other particles, etc.

E. Particle - Radiation Interaction;

Bombard electrons with high energy photons under various conditions and measure for possible gravitational effects.

Unfortunately, no information on hand would give us any indication of how far these experiments went beyond the aforementioned materials.

Robert Wood discusses the program on pages 433-440 of Steven Greer's book Disclosure. Among the things to be noted: page 435, Wood and Co. briefed the Condon Committee which was ongoing at the same time. They explained that it was possible to make a superconductive ring of current float in the earth's magnetic field with only 10 times the current capacity that they had available at that time. Condon wasn't interested. Wood then wrote and suggested that the committee work in 2 groups, believers and nonbelievers. Condon retaliated by writing to the head of the company and trying to have Wood fired. On page 437 he mentions that they spent around $500,000 between 1968 and 1970. This figure is close to what the Condon Committee spent around the same time according to David Saunders' book UFOs Yes! (page 182).

Web Slideshows of Documents (intégralité des documents)

 Douglas UFO Reports (PDF de 5,1 Mo)

OBS : la qualité des documents étant médiocre et peu lisible parfois, sur ce pdf les photos ont été retravaillées pour être un peu plus net.

1  UFO Report Worksheet
2  Report No. 680718-1 "Identification of Rock Sample"
3  Report No. 680725-1 "Material Identification Preliminary Report"
4  Report No. 680708-2 "Report of Possible UFO Contact"
5-6  Memorandum G8-52-ARL-1007 "Photographic Appearance of the 12 April, 1968 Lunar Eclipse"
7-10  Notes, "The Eclipse Slide"
11 Report No. 680708-1 "Preliminary Information Original Moon Eclipse Photo - Slide"
13 Report No. 680729-1 "Follow Up Information Moon Eclipse Photo-Yucca Valley, California"
14 Report No. 680909-1 "Yucca Valley Lightning Photos"
15-17 Report No. 681007-1 "Supplemental Report Communication Phenomena"
18-20 Report No. 680701-1 "Report of Communication Phenomena"
26-39 Report No. 680709-1 "Mitchell & Leslie Geriminsky Personal Interview 10 July 1968"
40-46 Report No. 680618-1 "Joseph Dikoff Interview (TELECON) 18 June 1968 Interview by W. Paul Wilson"
47-50 Letter "Ovaskainen"
51-56 Writeup "Communication Phenomena"

 Wilson's UFO Notes (PDF de 5,2 Mo)

OBS : la qualité des documents étant médiocre et peu lisible parfois, sur ce pdf les photos ont été retravaillées pour être un peu plus net.

1-4 UFO Questionnaire
1 "Observables Event Documentation"
2-3 "Observables Sensors & Observational Capabilities"
4 "Questions"
7-8 draft of "Field data acquisition requirements" memo
9 continuation of draft
10-19 "field data acquisition" memo
20 Notes - "Is there Possibility That a Discreet Fixed  Ratio of Organized to Disorganized Cosmic (Brutino) Background Exists?
21  Notes - "A Theory of Infinite Velocities as related to Discontinuities in Present Physical Laws"
22 Notes - "The Physical Composition of Matter"
23-31 Stapled Notes
23-24 "Physical Applications of Basic Matter"
25 "Radiation Particles & Matter in Controlled Energy Systems"
26-27 "Subatomic Particles & Radiation Engines"
28 "Radiation & Subatomic Particles in Controlled Energy Systems"
29-34 "Our physical existence (existence in a physical sense) is controlled by two basic postulates"
35  draft of Physical Properties of Magnetic & Gravity Fields memo
36-37  draft of "Particle - Radiation Interaction Experiments" proposal
38-40  draft of "Report of Misc. Field Observ." report
41-42 "Suggested Standard Format For Tape Interviews"
43-50 "Plasma and Universal Gravitation" paper

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