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Timothy Good - Beyond Top Secret - UFOs and USOs - Xcon 2004


BEYOND TOP SECRET: UFOS AND USOS (UNIDENTIFIED SUBMARINE OBJECTS), with Timothy Good. Beyond Top Secret UFOs and USOs (unidentified submarine objects) remain the most highly classified subject on Earth. In his fully illustrated presentation, drawing on the latest evidence, the highly respected researcher and best-selling author will outline the involvement of intelligence agencies in North America, South America and Europe in top-secret investigations. He will describe some little-known and disturbing cases reported by military and civilian pilots, army and naval personnel, and discuss contacts with ETs reported by highly credible witnesses, such as a former British deputy chief of Strike Command and Equerry to HM The Queen and Prince Philip, and a former CIA communications specialist, currently a respected Brazilian scientist. Good will also discuss his meeting at the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office at the Pentagon in 1998, and some of the information provided to him over the years by his contacts in Washington, including revelations via a high-ranking source who worked at the Pentagon with the USAF Air Staff and Joint Staff.

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