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The Nick Pope Interview Bases 3

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For a full detailed transcript go to UfoMonthlymagazine.co.uk, and get Issues 32,33,and 34 for Gary Heseltine's astute analysis of this crucial interview.
(A different edit with further vital points from this hour, now online)
A second truncated edit of this 1hr interview now on YOU Tube.
DVD available. for researchers
(Now see James Casbolt in Bases 4)

Nick Pope resigned from the British Ministry of Defence in Oct 2006. He was Britain's UFO Man, so to speak. In this one on one Underground Video(UK), he explains how the British are engaged in a program of UFO Disclosure.
Some parts will be in Bases 3, dedicated to the Rendlesham Forest UFOs, which continue to this day.

A truncated edit of the whole interview, with some points missed in this section now uploaded, as "The Nick Pope Interview"

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